Roses are Red

“Roses are Red” is a book about a Police Detective named Ryan Harten who tries to track a Killer known as the “Rose planter”.

Chapter 1

It all starts

“Quick, get in the car Scott!” Scott was a Police Constable under the orders of Ryan. Scott dashed towards the car and got in with sharp speed. “Put your foot on it!!” Shouted Ryan fiercely.

They both followed a White van which was speeding through the Highway, on the back of the van was a picture of a Rose. “Is that our guy, Sir?” Asked Scott.

“Yes, it is!” Replied Ryan Quickly “Now keep going and take a left and cut him off before he gets away!”

The dark figure in the White van opened his window and threw out a bucket full of water onto the front window of the Police Cruiser.

“Turn the windscreen wipers on now!” Said Ryan Aggressively. As soon as the water had been wiped off of the window, the van had disappeared.

“Where now?!” Said Scott without any spirit in his voice.

“We’ve lost him and soon someone else will be victim to this killer!”

Ryan just said nothing and looked out of the window with no hope. The person driving the van was a man who was being payed by Scott secretly.

Chapter 2


Ryan sat in his office searching through all of the evidence he already had. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him, his thought was to talk to family of the victims of this killer. As he was thinking about this, he found a note in his evidence bag. The note said “Rose Planter”.

“That’s it!” He said with an expression of completion. “I found his identity!”

He put this note in his pocket but as he did….He pulled out a rose from his pocket. “What is this?” He murmured to himself. He just ignored it and left it on his desk.

Ryan got up and went outside of the Police Station and then he got in his Cruiser and drove to a shop run by a man named Tyler Witt. He parked his Cruiser in front of the shop and got out and then walked into the shop.

“Excuse me,” He said to Tyler who was stood at the Cash Register. “I’m a Detective on the case of the killer known as the Rose Planter,” He showed Tyler the note.

“I came to ask you some questions because of your relation to the victim known as Johnny Witt, your son,”

“Well I don’t really want to talk about that,” Said Tyler quietly

“If I couldn’t save my own son, I can’t save others,” Ryan stared blankly at Tyler.

“Yes, you can!” Ryan said.

“How so?” He replied.

“You will give us some sort of lead towards this man which WILL save others!”

After 5 minutes of questioning, Ryan walked out with a smile because of how much information he had just acquired. He returned to his Office and put this information into some files on his computer.

Chapter 3

A new lead

Ryan was sat back drinking some coffee and searching through some files on his computer, he found a file named “ROSE”. He opened it and started to read.


“What?” He said in confusion.

He checked a map on the internet to find the location of the docks. It was nearby so he decided to check it out on Sunday at 10PM. He finished his coffee and left the mug on the table. He went outside of his office and walked over to Scott who was sat at the front desk of the Station.

Scott looked at him.

“Yes?” Scott said.

“I need you to come with me to check Roosevelt docks on Sunday at 10PM,”


“I found a file on my computer named “ROSE” and that can’t of gotten on there itself,”

“Alright then….”

Scott continued to complete his paperwork so Ryan left him to it.

Chapter 4

The Docks

Scott had forgot to come. The Cruiser parked in front of the Docks. The sound of Birds was loud and deafening. Ryan got out the car and were hiding a Stun Gun in there pocket, these were known as an X26. Ryan walked to the door and knocked it down with his shoulder.

Suddenly, as Ryan walked in, he was hit towards the wall and held against it. Ryan struggled to break the hold of this figure but as he tugged, he pulled off the figure’s pocket and many things fell out.

The figure looked at all these items falling and let go of Ryan and ran away. Ryan quickly pulled out his Stun gun but it was too late. He looked at the items on the ground. The items were a Rose, a Receipt, a Key and a note with an address on it. He picked it all up and walked to the car. He drove back to the Station and into his Office.

Chapter 5


He looked at his new evidence and decided to call a meeting with all the Constables and the Lieutenant of the Police. Ryan told everyone who attended the meeting that the identity of the man was the “Rose Planter” and that he had met him at the Docks.

He then read out the note with the address. The address was Roosevelt Road, Apartment 3, Floor 2. Ryan told them all that he was going alone and didn’t need help but then the Lieutenant butted in.

“That doesn’t sound very safe really Ryan,” He said

“Well I will still be going alone and that is final of this meeting!” He walked out the room and back into his office to prepare for going to the Apartment. “What day could it be?” He thought to himself. “If only it said what day!”

“It must be Monday but, wait a minute…. It’s Sunday today!”

Ryan gathered up his Stun gun and his baton and then he knew he was ready. Ryan is very strong with a baton so he knew the Rose Planter would be easy to finish.

Chapter 6

The Final Countdown

Monday came and Ryan was parked in front of the Apartment, he got out and walked up to floor 2 and went into Apartment 3. Suddenly, he was hit in the back of the head by a vase. “Ow!” He screamed in pain. He turned round and grabbed the hat off of the Man’s head. Ryan then saw who the Rose Planter was!

“Scott!” He shouted furiously.

Scott hit Ryan again with the vase but this time hard enough to smash it. Ryan started to fall but he held himself up and he pulled out his Stun gun and shot Scott with it. Scott fell over and started to jump around. He got back up and was ready. Ryan hit him with the baton but Scott grabbed the baton and tried to pull it out his hands. Ryan pulled the baton towards him and pulled it out of Scott’s hands. He hit Scott with it and Scott fell back like he was asleep.

“Well then…..” Said Ryan “This time I have my Rose Planter!”



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