Golden Pen award and Gold Book!

Well done to Edi and Alex. They both worked really hard this week on their handwriting and took great care with their letter formation.

Congratulations also to Carlos, Shane and Shauna for being in the Gold Book last week – keep up the good work!

Victorian music

This week in topic work we are researching and listening to Victorian music. Click here for some examples of Victorian music.

The first Golden Pen Award winners of the year!

Congratulations to Al-Nisa and Ben. Al-Nisa has shown beautiful handwriting and Ben improved hugely during the lesson.

Squares and triangles…

How many squares and how many triangles can you see in this picture – remember there are three different sizes of each…

5 raffle tickets for anyone who gets the right answer!

Welcome to class 4a!

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great summer break and managed to get at least a few days of good weather. This is our blog which I will be using throughout the year to help with learning, celebrate our achievements and have some fun!

It won’t just be me posting on here – you will all also get the chance to post on to the blog. Make sure you keep checking our blog – there will be new stuff arriving all the time.