food miles can create global warming

Did you know that food miles can create global warming.Because the way it travels for etc plains,cars,and other types of travel create co2.If they are used a lot and the plains are really bad because they use nearly 10 times more fuel than normal transports that use fuels.

Steve Hartley

We had a great time yesterday with Steve Hartley, who has written several books for children. His titles include:
– The World’s Biggest Bogey
– The World’s Itchiest Pants
– The World’s Windiest Baby

If you would like to find out more about Steve he has a great website – There is a message board on there and I’m sure he would love to hear from you!

About the Greeks


The Greeks were people from Greece a very long time ago, they created many things but also may lies. Some of these Greeks were from Athens, the way they lived was very different than how Sparta lived.


776BC: First ever Olympics game

490BC: First Persian war/The battle of Marathon

480/479BC: Second Persian war/ The battle of Thermopylae, Artemesium, Salamis, Plataea, Mycalae which was then when the Persians where driven out of Greece and never forgiven.

431/404BC: Peloponnesian War

399BC: The Catapult is invented

359/336BC: Philip II becomes king of Macedon

334/332BC: Alexander the Great takes over and becomes king

323/301BC: Alexander’s successors have a war

287/211BC: The life of Archimedes

229BC: The Romans are Coming!

146BC: The Romans are here!

0BC: Greece becomes a Roman province


The Greeks invented many things like what we still might use today!

They invented:

The Catapult

Baby Rattle


And more!


The Persians were enemies to Greece but mainly just Sparta, there were many wars between these two states but in the end the Spartans came out on top. There is a tale that the Persians shot so many arrows into the sky together that they nearly blocked out the sun!

Be a Greek soldier game quiz

This is a Quiz to see how well you would do for a soldier, there are 5 questions. Good Luck!

Question 1: What weapons does a Greek soldier use?

A: Sword

B: Shield

C: Spear

D: All of the above

E: Sword and Shield

Question 2: Who were the Persians?

A: Enemies of Greece

B: Enemies of Sparta:

C: Enemies of Athens

Question 3: What is Thermopylae?

A: The battle Persia and Sparta fought

B: A state

C: I don’t know

Question 4: Who was Alexander the Great?

A: The King

B: The Commander

C: A Successor

D: A and B

Question 5: What is the lie the Greeks made up?

A: The Oracle

B: That you can’t swim

C: That the world is Square


This is the end sadly but I hop you enjoyed this fact file and I hope you learned something from it!

Thank you for reading!


zombie and ghost

Somebody is on my bed! when i turned around i saw a ghost and a zombie.when I saw them i was shocked and I was about to scream but I did not screamed.When I moved my hand my cup fell on the floor they were about wake up then I went downstairs to call my mother the ghost and the zombie woke up.When I went upstairs they were fighting very badly then they saw me and stopped fighting.Then I went to my friend’s house their was also a zombie and a ghost.I ran to many houses so that they can help me but there were only zombies and ghosts.Then there was only one house left which I think could help me and then I went inside the house I found my brother sisters and my parents.I was pleased to see them without any injuries.Then I saw a man he took me to his science lab we both made a special gun  which makes zombies and ghosts make in a normal human.Then we shot every single of them.Then we saw that they were turning into normal people.then me and that man had a party in which the zombies and ghosts who we turned into normal people came.We  all had loads of fun enjoying the party together and the man who helped me to make that gun we were then best friends.

Food miles

Sorry I’ve posted this a bit late, we’ve had a few technical problems with our blogs which has prevented me from posting.

We had a great lesson yesterday researching food miles and contacting all sorts of people via email and twitter. We have now started to get some responses back. Here are some websites which contain great information about food miles:

The Co-operative – go to page 6.
Innocent drinks
Brakes (one of the school’s food suppliers)

I’ll post any more links I find.

Climate Change glossary

These are the words I would like to look up in the dictionary. Tell me what they mean in a reply to this post. Some of these words are quite difficult so don’t be afraid to ask an adult to help!

Pre industrial
Rainforest destruction
Water vapour
Coral Reef

Gold Book

This week Zain and Imran have been chosen to go in the Gold Book. Zain did some brilliant problem solving using expanded column addition and Imran did a fantastic sketch during our visit to Old Trafford, which you can see below. Congratulations to both of them.

From 10 May 2013

Education City

I have set some numeracy homework in Education City. To access it you need to click on There is also a link on the right hand side of the screen.

Then, enter your user ID and password exactly as it is on your card.

The task should be appropriate to the level you are working at. Have a go and let me know how you get on!

4a at Old Trafford!

We had a great day at Old Trafford yesterday. We were very lucky with the weather and saw nearly three hours of cricket. We saw some very famous cricketers including the England captain, Alistair Cook, South African test batsmen Ashwell Prince and Austarlian Simon Katich. We also had the opportunity to try lots of fun activities which had been laid on by the LCCC Foundation.

From 10 May 2013

The Golden Pen Award!

The winners of the Golden Pen Award for last week were Edi and Ikram. Both took great care with their handwriting and are making great progress. This week the awards go to Ben for really improving his letter formation and Memunah for taking great care with every letter and join in all her writing.

Snow White's Scary Adventures