Summer Holiday poem

Summer song
summer long
summer sounds
of summer throng
Floating breezes
fresh and free
gentle sunkissed
bumble bee
curling creatures
sleeping so
marching ants
they come and go
tall grass bends
in sun lit beams
medows shimmer
golden gleams
birds call out
their summer song
dawn to dusk
singing long
bubbling brooks
with silver waters
bluebells dance
like woodlands daughters
velvet moss
enfolds the boulder
tree stumps covered
shadied; colder
smile in their place
mischievious little dainty face
summer light
summer night
summer feels 
alive and bright


Last week’s award winners!

Well done to Zain and Areeb for winning the Golden Pen Award. Areeb is now trying really hard to control the size of his letters and Zain is joining his words with great fluency.

Pelikan Fountain Pen

Congratulations also to Al-Nisa and Kyle for their Gold Book nominations, both for making great progress using decimals to add together amounts of money.

Snow White's Scary Adventures

Test week

Remember class 4a its test week go to bed early and good look whith  the tests try your best


Mr hall i went on this website called ict games it helps for time tables and other mathamatical games.