Our single letter poems!

Tom the T-Rex
Tom the T-Rex trotted on Terrific the Tarantula,
Whilst Tick the Turkey was playing Table Tennis,
With Tiny the Tamandua!
By Adam

Talking Turkey
Talking Turkey went to the toilet,
Ticklish the Tiger was playing football,
With the terrible Toucan,
Tom the Teacher grounded them for two terms!
By Abdul

Terrific Tiger
Terrific Tiger eats T-Rex Tab,
T-Rex telephones Tortoise to tickle,
Tortoise tickles Tiger,
T-Rex trots to town.
By Hibah

Tim The T-Rex
Tim the Tyranosuarus trotted over Tini Temper,
Where Tony the Tiger was playing ping pong,
With Tira the Tarantuala!
By Saif

Trickster the Tiger
Trickset the Tiger took his time on his topic,
When the teacher told him to!
By Korie

Tiger in a Taxi!
The Tiger was playing with a toy in a taxi,
Ted was waiting for Teddy!
By Conner

Golden pen award!

Congratulations to Hibah for using fantastic joins and making sure her writing is consistent…

From 4a

And to Imran for carefully choosing which letters to join…

From 4a

Gold Book and the Golden Pen Award

Well done to Rhys and Memunah for earning their place in the Gold Book last week. Rhys was in for joining his letters beautifully and Memunah for really paying attention to our WILF when writing a story ending.

Ben and Shauna won the golden pen award for each forming their letters correctly.

Snow White's Scary Adventures

Finally, congratulations to Lauren, Zain, Alex and Hibah for being drawn for raffle prizes!

How I made my mask?


First of all before we did our design on our mask we planned what materials  would we use and a picture of what we want it to look like.Then mrs.hanes cutted out a card board  face.Next we used white tissue,glue and water to make face features.we put Mod roc on the cardboard face so it would go rock hard.


We painted  the  mask 1 or 2 colours.If we painted them 1colour it will be all that colour .If we did it 2 colours then half of the mask will be that colour and the other half  will be another colour.We decorated  the mask how ever we wanted it also Mrs.Hanes chose some childrens designs.(some of the materials we had was glitter,pebbles and sand.we used the  sand to make it stand out.)

head dresses

For our head dresses we could choose feathers or tissue paper.

Hibah's mask

Tom palmer 100 word challenge!

The first thing I did with tom Palmer is ask lots  of questions about his self. some of the questions were how did you become an author?,do you have a family?,how old were you when you became an author?,did you like to read?,now how old are you?, where do you live now?.Tom Palmer normally writes about football in his books. The next thing we did with Tom Palmer  is a quiz about football.Some questions were hard  and some questions were easy.The  questions came from football magazines,newspapers and players.the children had to answer a question then they go to the penalty shootout

new website!!!

I found a new website called cool maths for kids it is a hole  new way to  learn  your maths with usefull games go to kidrex and type in cool maths4 kids!!