The origami killer!

This is about a killer who is called the oragami killer and when he kills someone he leaves a piece of oragami on their chest.

One day the C.I.A was driving down a small village for some wierd reason but Nathan and Jamie, Nathan was the boss and Jamie was his partner in C.I.A and they were trying to find the mystery killer who was called The oragami killer. He killed someone last night in this village but when they stopped and went in this small cafe in the village and when they came in the cafe they saw this little boy so Jamie and Nathan walked other to the little boy and asked what his name was the little boy said his name was jack and he was a 9 year old boy and he’s parent’s was killed last night so he was staying at his grandparents house.Nathan asked to see if the little boy wanted a lift to his grandparents house Jack the little boy said yes if it is ok with you but when they went past this house it was coverd in tape saying WARNING ABANDOND HOUSE DO NOT ENTER! but when they dropped Jack off they went back to the house and got there stun guns and X26’s out with a machine gun with a torch on and they said “Is anyone here hello” said Jamie.”Shut up Jamie the oragami killer might be here do you want us to get killed!”said Nathan “No sir sorry”said jamie but then in a dash they was a shadow coming towards then turn your torch on now said Nathan soon as they turned the torch on they saw a guy with an X26 and a pistol and baton in his tool belt Nathan said”Hault who goes there. We are the C.I.A coming here to investagate the origami killer.The man was wearing a blue top with black pants and shoes. “This is a cop from this village have you got any ID!”said the cop or else i will open fire! Nathan and Jamie showed their ID and Nathan said”There we showed our ID show us you’rs to see if you are a cop and what are you doing here!” the man showed his ID and said”Im here beacuse there is a killer here and if he shows up here and i was here on my own i could have got him i was about to shoot him until you two dwarfs shown up!!!” Jamie said”Right what is the killers name?” the cop said”His name is called The origami killer what is the killer you are looking for?” “The origami killer and we haven’t asked you this yet but what is your name?” said Nathan.”My name is called PC Pete and i will be doing this case on my own i dont need the C.I.A with me!” said the cop then the cop walked off silently with his torch then Nathan and Jamie wlked back to the C.I.A car and they was some writing on the car sayaing i will get you tonight at this house! so at 11’o clock they waited and waited until they saw a shdow and took cover as soon as possible the guy said “MY NAME IS THE ORIGAMI KILLER AND IM HERE TO GET YOU and if you have any weapons on you please drop thm down because i sniper on with a scope and i dont want to shoot this bad boy because it it really powerful” so Nathan and Jamie didn’t put the weapons down they slowly got up and they was a shadow what just disaperad in a tick so they walked to the car and went back to HQ and they went up to the roof and they saw a black and red helicopter Nathan said”lets drive the helicopter over the village and we wil try and find the origami killer if we dont it will be aother murder tonight.When they saw this cop chasing after this guy they thought it was the origami killer but when they landed they was no one there but when they came back to the HQ the origamikiller was there and he was saying to the other C.I.A. agents “MY NAME IS THE ORIGAMI KILLER AND DROP ALL YOUR WEARPONS AND GO OTHER TO THE CORNER” but when Jamie and Nathan was walking other to the corner to see what was he doing Jamie got his stun gun out stunned the origami killer and arrested him soon as he got there to arrest him a cop walked in and said “You idiots what do you think your doing with the origami killer i was supposed to arrest him or else my boss will fire me and now im fired thanks alot dwarfs.” “Your welcome” said Nathan and Jamie taking the mick of the officer and then that was the end of the origami killer.


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How i made my mask

First of all we did our plan for our design.Second of all we cut out a face out of card board.Third of all we used tissue paper and glue /water mix to make features. Then we put mod-roc on our mask. after we painted our mask. Then we decorated our mask and put head dresses on the mask like feathers and tissue paper.

What you will need:

You will need a face shape of cardboard, mod-roc,paint, tissue paper , feathers,a mix of water and glue,but you need a plan to.

Kyle's mask

Last week’s award winners!

Well done to Zain and Areeb for winning the Golden Pen Award. Areeb is now trying really hard to control the size of his letters and Zain is joining his words with great fluency.

Pelikan Fountain Pen

Congratulations also to Al-Nisa and Kyle for their Gold Book nominations, both for making great progress using decimals to add together amounts of money.

Snow White's Scary Adventures

Tom palmer 100 word challenge

When tom Palmer came to school he inspired me because he told us lots about football and his books what he wrote and his favourite book was this spy book called the squad  and he is 45 years old  he said he has done about 25 or 26 books he said he doesn’t do the front cover o0f his books because he said he isn’t a good artist someone else does the front cover for him he said he has a daughter and a wife he lives in todmerdon he said it is a good place he said he was fosterd when he was a kid but he still said he was happy hye said he loves football.

Tom palmer 100 word challenge

We did a quiz whith tom palmer Tom palmer lives in Todmerdon.In the quiz we had to answer some football questions if you got it wrong you had to do nothing if you got it right you got a penalty shoot out and if you scored you would get to the second round but only one person did and that was Harrison.

math game

hi everyone theres a game out called ict games http://ict

Math game

 Go on google there is a math game called maths for kids its really fun!

How to keep healthy

To keep healthy you need to eat  healthy stuff and do lots of healthy stuff.