Golden pen award

Congratulations to Lauren and Hafsa for working hard on the size and proportion of their letters and using contraction apostrophes well.

Gold Book and the Golden Pen Award

Well done to Rhys and Memunah for earning their place in the Gold Book last week. Rhys was in for joining his letters beautifully and Memunah for really paying attention to our WILF when writing a story ending.

Ben and Shauna won the golden pen award for each forming their letters correctly.

Snow White's Scary Adventures

Finally, congratulations to Lauren, Zain, Alex and Hibah for being drawn for raffle prizes!

How I made my mask?

1.We planned are  desing on a pice of paper and then we cloured it in with cloured crayons.

2.Mrs Thomas and Mrs Sheehy cut out the card board in a shape of a face  and they cut out the shape of the eyes.

3.Then we used tissue for the noise ,eye brows and the mouth and to sick it on we used glue with warter  mix to make feathers.

4.And then we mod,roc,ed it and we rubbed it in till it went soft .

5.And then we painted it with paint.

6.Then we decorted them with glitter ,Jelwels and swirls .

7. Then we did a head dress with feathers and cloured tissue and then we stuck them on.

Lauren's mask