Gold Book

Congratulations to Alex and Memunah who were both chosen to go in the Gold Book last week. Alex has been working really hard on his reading and is showing great progress and Memunah included some fantastic quoted speech in her World War II evacuation newspaper report – keep checking the blog, I will publish them all soon!

Snow White's Scary Adventures

Gold Book and the Golden Pen Award

Well done to Rhys and Memunah for earning their place in the Gold Book last week. Rhys was in for joining his letters beautifully and Memunah for really paying attention to our WILF when writing a story ending.

Ben and Shauna won the golden pen award for each forming their letters correctly.

Snow White's Scary Adventures

Finally, congratulations to Lauren, Zain, Alex and Hibah for being drawn for raffle prizes!


step1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    First we planed our design so we know what to do.We used colouring pencils and paper to make our mask.

 step 2

Next we cut out cardboard to make a face.Then we used tissue paper and mixed it in a mixture of water and glue.After that we mod-roced our mask.

A few days later we painted our masks and we used different colours for our masks.Then we decorated our masks.

step 4

The next day we made our hedresess  with lots of colourful feathers like pink,black,blue,terqouise,red and a few more colours.We used feathers or tissue paper.


second post

Mr hall I think nearly everyone is going on the website but it is good for us. we are also the only class with it too!!!!!!