Our single letter poems!

Tom the T-Rex
Tom the T-Rex trotted on Terrific the Tarantula,
Whilst Tick the Turkey was playing Table Tennis,
With Tiny the Tamandua!
By Adam

Talking Turkey
Talking Turkey went to the toilet,
Ticklish the Tiger was playing football,
With the terrible Toucan,
Tom the Teacher grounded them for two terms!
By Abdul

Terrific Tiger
Terrific Tiger eats T-Rex Tab,
T-Rex telephones Tortoise to tickle,
Tortoise tickles Tiger,
T-Rex trots to town.
By Hibah

Tim The T-Rex
Tim the Tyranosuarus trotted over Tini Temper,
Where Tony the Tiger was playing ping pong,
With Tira the Tarantuala!
By Saif

Trickster the Tiger
Trickset the Tiger took his time on his topic,
When the teacher told him to!
By Korie

Tiger in a Taxi!
The Tiger was playing with a toy in a taxi,
Ted was waiting for Teddy!
By Conner

Tom Palmer 100 word challange

Tom plamer came to  are school 1 week ago  if you dont no  Tom Plamer he is an athe that writes books.  For .childeren now moving on whast he did whit us   he told us   where he has bin tov writ huis amzing books.  He told us one could kiler pass about foot baller homes being  roobedn. Then he told us that he has .not .made .a .book .in 1 year whit is good to know about  then we told him are  favourit mag azins i said .WWE we had a penlte .shootout  then he  gave red and yello cards out it

First post

Hi mr hall i went to trafford centre and there was a fire and i watched madagascar 3