The holidays are coming!!!!!!!!!!!

The  holidays are coming so don’t be sad about that we have stay in school for a long time EVERYONE ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS (When they come)

The Mysterious Game

Yawning, I woke up in the morning looking at the bright, shiny ball in the sky just shining on my face. I got up and washed my face, brushed my teeth and had a shower.

I zoomed down stairs to eat my breakfast on a Sunday morning.  After I went on my laptop and played minecraft behind me I saw a zombie and I killed it frightfully.

Suddenly I got sucked in the game.I cryed for help timorously.I looked around  hysterical and I was seeing grass as a block (even though in the game every thing is a block)So I marched to my house (Which I build in the game) and, guess how to get out of here. I had the greatest idea in the world. I checked my chest that I had the right things which are Obsidian,ender pearl, and flint and steel (All minecraft blocks). 

I built the portal to the ender dragon( The master) and killed him and it was the end of the game (But you can carry on with game). Now I am aloud to get out.

Gold Book

This week Zain and Imran have been chosen to go in the Gold Book. Zain did some brilliant problem solving using expanded column addition and Imran did a fantastic sketch during our visit to Old Trafford, which you can see below. Congratulations to both of them.

From 10 May 2013

Gold Book and the Golden Pen Award

Well done to Rhys and Memunah for earning their place in the Gold Book last week. Rhys was in for joining his letters beautifully and Memunah for really paying attention to our WILF when writing a story ending.

Ben and Shauna won the golden pen award for each forming their letters correctly.

Snow White's Scary Adventures

Finally, congratulations to Lauren, Zain, Alex and Hibah for being drawn for raffle prizes!

deforestation in the Amazon


People are destroying the rainforest’s and the animals habitats. People are destroying trees this may course extension for animals.

Where is it happening

The people are destroying the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.In south Korea people are destroying the rain forest.All of the rainforest’s are being destroyed in the world.

Who is doing it

The farmers are destroying the trees for land.The tree chopper are copping massive,long trees.Builders are destroying trees and making house and land.

When it is happening

It is happening every 2 minuets and it is the size of football field. It is happening every day. Every year it is happening.people will not stop.

Why are people doing it

People are doing it for money. They are doing it for land to make house and farming. They are doing it for food and family.

Animals losing there habitats 

Animals have to move because people are destroying there habitats.If people carry on it may cause extension to the animals. The plant are under threat if people cut the plants CO2 will release more and more.


Last week’s award winners!

Well done to Zain and Areeb for winning the Golden Pen Award. Areeb is now trying really hard to control the size of his letters and Zain is joining his words with great fluency.

Pelikan Fountain Pen

Congratulations also to Al-Nisa and Kyle for their Gold Book nominations, both for making great progress using decimals to add together amounts of money.

Snow White's Scary Adventures

Tom Palmer 100 word challange

Tom Palmer is 45 and he lives in todmorden. He wrote 26 books about football.his best stadium is Real Madrid’s and his best drink is tea. Yesterday he came to our school and told use about him and we done a quiz and he asked us questions about magazines,newspapers and his books and we had a penalty shoot out. Harrison won a golden torpey he was very happy.Tom Palmer went to different countries to get the ideas for his books.Lots of  children were close to score and go to the next round.A teacher was in net.I didn’t have a turn.It was fun.

Hi everyone!

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Mad for Maths

Go on Mad for Maths it is for kids,parents and for teachers it is all about numeracy games try it now!