Rio Carnival

Click here to see some fabulous pictures from the Rio Carnival which finnished on Monday night.

Carnival masks

4A have been having a great time designing and making carnival masks. Here is a slideshow with all our masks.

The children are also posting about how they made their mask – check in their category to see them (they are not yet all on).

How we made our masks


First i planned my mask.I wrote  all the things i need on a sheet. I then drawed a picture of my mask.


first I cut a face out of card board. Then I mixed tissue paper and glue to make features. Next I covered it with mod roc to harden it.


First I painted my mask. Then I decorated my mask.Next I made my headress with feathers.

Finnaly I can enjoy my mask.

Wajahat's mask

How I made my carnival mask

first I planed my design.

Second I cut out a cardbored face.

Next I used tissue paper and glue/water mix to make features.

I also used mod roc to make it hard.

Then I panted it.

Afther I decorated it.

Finally I made a head dress.

Areeb's mask

deforestation in the Amazon


Rainforests are being destroyed  for land and to grow crops.It is happening in brazil.The farmers are using chansaws.The farmers are doing it  for land.It is happening every two seconds.

Whys it happenning?

The farmers are  doing this because they need  food and land.They are doing this for 5% of comercail


Deforestation in the Amazon


Deforestation is when people cut down trees from a rainforest.This is mostly happening in the Amazon but it is happening in other places aswell.Farmers are cutting down the Amazon for money and land for cattle and crops.It is happening every 1 minute!


The farmers are not just cutting but burning the trees causing pollution from smoke off the burnt trees.It is releasing CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) into the air also causing pollution.Mainly it makes the place look very awful.

Habitat Loss

Animals are having their habitats destroyed and they are getting killed themselves.Not all the animals are dieing but they are fleeing.Deforestation is cutting down the animals habitats not just normal trees.

Destroying the Amazon

They are destroying their own country.All the water we drink most likely  comes from the Amazon.The fruit we eat comes from plants in the rainforest and the plants are being destroyed.


It isn’t just happening in the Amazon but in other countries like South Korea.It is basicly happening all over the world.

Our life may depend on the rainforests.

Learning log – Brazil

Here are a few sites which might help with your learning log task:

Kid’s Corner Brazil
National Geographic
Brazilian Embassy

Remember to use Kidrex if you do any further searches.

Here is a picture of the Brazilian flag…


Our fact file about Brazil

Post your facts and figures about Brazil as a comment below.

BRAZIL! Rainforest or Carnival – which do you prefer?

Year 4 took flight today – we flew from Manchester to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil! Here are the sights and sounds we encountered on the way:

In flight safety video:

Take off!

A taste of Brazil!

Landing in Rio…