How i made my mask

First of all we did our plan for our design.Second of all we cut out a face out of card board.Third of all we used tissue paper and glue /water mix to make features. Then we put mod-roc on our mask. after we painted our mask. Then we decorated our mask and put head dresses on the mask like feathers and tissue paper.

What you will need:

You will need a face shape of cardboard, mod-roc,paint, tissue paper , feathers,a mix of water and glue,but you need a plan to.

Kyle's mask

How I made my mask?


First of all before we did our design on our mask we planned what materials  would we use and a picture of what we want it to look like.Then mrs.hanes cutted out a card board  face.Next we used white tissue,glue and water to make face features.we put Mod roc on the cardboard face so it would go rock hard.


We painted  the  mask 1 or 2 colours.If we painted them 1colour it will be all that colour .If we did it 2 colours then half of the mask will be that colour and the other half  will be another colour.We decorated  the mask how ever we wanted it also Mrs.Hanes chose some childrens designs.(some of the materials we had was glitter,pebbles and sand.we used the  sand to make it stand out.)

head dresses

For our head dresses we could choose feathers or tissue paper.

Hibah's mask

How i made my mask?

First of all we cut  the cardboard in to a face shape.Then we waited for a day.The next day we cut tissue and PVA glue mixed with water.

WE put the cardboard in the sunshine .The next day we did the mod roc it was hard.

The next day we painted it with blue,pink,green,golden and yellow.

then we design it with pebbles,marbles and gilder.

The next day we put some feathers on his head.