Learning Log – Ramadan

Here are some websites which might help you with your learning log task this week:

BBC Schools
Fact Monster
Ramadan quiz

Learning log

This week your task builds on the RE work we have been doing with Rev Malaika from Peace Mala. I would like you to describe your favourite place and how you feel when you are there.

This is mine:


I have chosen this place, because I got married in the hotel you can see in the background, and seeing it brings back many happy memories of time with friends and family.

photo credit: markandlaura via photopin cc

Food miles

Sorry I’ve posted this a bit late, we’ve had a few technical problems with our blogs which has prevented me from posting.

We had a great lesson yesterday researching food miles and contacting all sorts of people via email and twitter. We have now started to get some responses back. Here are some websites which contain great information about food miles:

The Co-operative – go to page 6.
Innocent drinks
Brakes (one of the school’s food suppliers)

I’ll post any more links I find.

Learning log

This week I have asked you to think about all the different ways we use the internet. You could d a mind map or a spider diagram to help. Also think about the different ways we access the internet – not just through computers.

We also talked about Tim Berners-Lee who invented the internet. Here are some sites with some information about him:

Tim Berners-Lee’s own website
BBC history
Encyclopaedia Britannica

This week’s learning log task

Here are some websites to help you with your research about World War II leaders:

Primary homework help
History learning site (beware, there are adverts on this site)
BBC History

If you would like more detailed information you could also look up each leader on Wikipedia.


A couple of reminders as we head towards Easter:

– Please make sure you have your PE kit in school. This needs to be a plain white or Lowerplace blue t-shirt with black shorts/leggings and pumps.
– Reading books are changed every week, but we can only change them if books are brought into school! If your child’s book has not been changed, please check they are bringing it in.
– Swimming will continue every week for the rest of term (and in the summer).
– Learning logs are issued each Friday and due back on the following Thursday.

Thank you for your continued support.

Learning log – deforestation information

Here are some links to help you with your learning log this week:

kids.mogabay.com – lots of information, and a great quiz you can try.

You can also search for more information using kidrex.

Good luck!

Learning log – Brazil

Here are a few sites which might help with your learning log task:

Kid’s Corner Brazil
National Geographic
Brazilian Embassy

Remember to use Kidrex if you do any further searches.

Here is a picture of the Brazilian flag…


Rainforest animals

Here are some links to help you with your learning log task:

Rainforest animals
Animals of the rainforest
National Geographic rainforest games
Journey into Amazonia

There are loads more sites you can find using Kidrex.

Remember, I want to see lots of creativity and colour this week!

Learning Log – Tom Palmer

This week’s learning log task is to research Tom Palmer. Your child has been introduced to the work of Tom Palmer during the last week because he is visiting school on Thursday. Here are a few websites which might help with this task:

Tom Palmer official site
Puffin books page
National literacy trust

**Parents/carers** Please remember to fill in the parent comment box in your child’s learning log. The children really value your opinion!