How I made my mask!


First we planned our design for our mask.


Then we cut out some cardboard faces which we used for our masks.

After that

After that we wet some tissue paper and dipped it in water mixed with glue and shaped it into our nose,eyes and the mouth.

Let it dry


after letting it dry we wet some modroc and stuck it on our masks to make them stronger.

Let it dry again


Then we had to paint our mask with a choice of bright colours.

Let it dry again


Soon after we painted them we decorated them with pebbles,glitter,sand  etc….

Dry again!


Finally we made some head dresses out of cardboard and stuck on either feathers or coloured paper with glue.

Last time for it to dry

I like my mask because it is colourful and very bright and i really like my design.

Hope this helped and see you at the Carnival!!

How we made our masks


First i planned my mask.I wrote  all the things i need on a sheet. I then drawed a picture of my mask.


first I cut a face out of card board. Then I mixed tissue paper and glue to make features. Next I covered it with mod roc to harden it.


First I painted my mask. Then I decorated my mask.Next I made my headress with feathers.

Finnaly I can enjoy my mask.

Wajahat's mask

How I made my carnival mask

first I planed my design.

Second I cut out a cardbored face.

Next I used tissue paper and glue/water mix to make features.

I also used mod roc to make it hard.

Then I panted it.

Afther I decorated it.

Finally I made a head dress.

Areeb's mask