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Top palmer 100 word challenge

Top palmer is a author  he ask wwrthre football ameon  football      top palmer ask   and  he    paly  football  and  he  wraing book and he casc                                                                                                                                                                                                                             hoo


Tom Palmer 100 word challange

Tom plamer came to  are school 1 week ago  if you dont no  Tom Plamer he is an athe that writes books.  For .childeren now moving on whast he did whit us   he told us   where he has bin tov writ huis amzing books.  He told us one could kiler pass about foot baller homes being  roobedn. Then he told us that he has .not .made .a .book .in 1 year whit is good to know about  then we told him are  favourit mag azins i said .WWE we had a penlte .shootout  then he  gave red and yello cards out it

tom palmer 100 word challenge

tom palmer is an author that likes footbal and his favirote team is leeds his favirote staidiam is real madrid he lives in tomnerrdan and he is 45 years old his best book is black op if you had got an answer wright you could take a penalty and the teacher was the golee. Harisson got a golden trophy because he was the only one to score we are reading a book of his and it is called striking out .He has wrote 26 books another one is the real thing.He asked us questions from a magazine and newspaper.we enjoyed it.


Tom Palmer 100 word challenge

last wednesday Tom Palmer came to our school and told us about the book he had made.We get to ask him some questions and he answered all of them.Tom Palmer is 45 and had created 24 books.He told us that whoever got an answer right they get to have a goal . The people who already got to answer a question they did not answer again.The teacher was the person who was in the goal the rest of them didnt score a goal. A boy called Harison scored a penalty shoot he is in next door and won atrophy.then we asked some questious then lined.



TOM PALMER is 45 years . He is an author who writes about football because TOM PALMER likes foot ball . He came to ower school  a week a go to meat us . We have got a lot of his books because we like him . When he came we asked  he a lot of things but he had a break whyle we was having fresh air out side . His name is TOM and his second name is PALMER but we called him TOM PALMER . We are reading one of his books . It is called STRIKING OUT and TOM PALMER is famous.

tom palmer

first tom palmer showed us some of his famous books second we had a quize about football in magazines and news papers and the pearson that got an answer right got to be in the penalty shoot out a few minutes later we had the penalty shoot out only one pearson could win the trophy next we asked some qustions about tom palmer and his books after a while tom palmer asked the children about football or football books that we have read or reading  tom palmer mostly suported england tom palmer lives with his wife son and daughter.


Learning Log – Tom Palmer

This week’s learning log task is to research Tom Palmer. Your child has been introduced to the work of Tom Palmer during the last week because he is visiting school on Thursday. Here are a few websites which might help with this task:

Tom Palmer official site
Puffin books page
National literacy trust

**Parents/carers** Please remember to fill in the parent comment box in your child’s learning log. The children really value your opinion!